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Alpine Rock Experience

This course focuses on Alpine rock technique. This course designed for the novice teaches the basics of rock climbing, movement on easy multi-pitch terrain, short roping and then to spend the second day on an easier alpine peak, practicing movement and flow. An excellent course for the avid scrambler and neophyte mountaineer.

Some experience is recommended though not essential.


Course itinerary

Day 1

This course will start at 0900 on the scheduled day of the course. The first day will be held at "Hidden Valley" (See description below) located about 4km west of the Miette Hotsprings turnoff. We will spend the day here so bring a lunch, warm clothes and a day pack capable of carrying all your stuff. (~40 litres) The approach is about 40 minutes on a steep trail.

We will work on the basics of roping up, setting up anchors, belay techniques for an alpine setting, an introduction to short roping concepts, rappelling and lowering, and practicing some multi-pitch techniques on easy terrain.

Day 2

The second day will be spent on a local feature called the Arch. The climbing though not difficult is interesting mixing pitched climbing with scrambling, lowering, and moving together on 3rd and 4th class terrain. This is a great location, bring your camera! This location is dependent on weather, alternate locations may be used. Often groups like to spend a second day at Hidden Valley as well. This area has a lot of climbing options.


Hidden Valley

The location we often use is called Hidden Valley. This is located about 4km "west" of the Miette Hotsprings turnoff in a 70 km zone. If coming in from Edmonton it is on the left in a large paved pulloff. This location is 31.8 km east of the Jasper Turnoff.

Here is the google earth link! "Hidden Valley pulloff"

There is a small lake/tarn, an interpretive sign and obvious history of recent fire activity. Semi's often park here and at the south end there is an outhouse.




The Arch

The Arch is located near the south end of Medicine Lake.We will meet at the Jacques Lake Trail head, and drive down the road a few minutes to the parking area.

(The Jacques lake parking area is located in the hairpin corner at the south end or Medicine lake)

It is about a 20 minute drive from Jasper. If weather and conditions permit we will use this site for the second day.

Equipment List (These items are not provided, you must bring these!)
  • Rock climbing shoes (for first day only, can be rented in Jasper at "Gravity Gear" 852-3155)
  • climbing pants: stretchy nylon or synthetic, wool, wind resistant
  • top insulation layer: pile, fleece, wool, layering system
  • top waterproof layer: gortex, coated nylon, or similar jacket
  • waterproof pants: similar to above, full zippers recommended
  • toque- ski hat, for warmth
  • light gloves: wool, leather, fleece
  • warm down coat or extra layer for belaying or standing around
  • pack approximately 40 litre size
  • water bottle
  • lunch
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • lip balm

Climbing gear (These items are provided, but bring your own if you have it!)

  • helmet
  • harness
  • belay device/ rappel device
  • 2 locking carabiners
  • approach shoes for first day (optional)
  • sturdy hiking climbing boots for second day (can be used both days)

Payment, transportation, and accomodation information