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Over the years I have met some great people and taken them on different mountain trips. There are moments during each trip that I will remember forever, and it is the people on the trip that makes each one special and unique.

I have put all my favorite pics on a web album on Picasa. This allows me to display more pictures and also add some links to some video files. Watch this page for updates.



Peter's short films (linked to google video and Youtube) Download them if you want!


Rescue digging. A short film about the urgency and stress involved in digging out avalanche victims.
Strategic Shoveling or"Conveyor Belt Rescue Digging "
General Mountaineering Camp 2005 Moby Dick
General Mountaineering Camp (GMC) 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, This is the first one of the GMC videos and has some great old footage from many of our friends from the past! It is 45minutes long so I would recommend that you download it, or ask me for a DVD version.
2006 GMC, 100th Anniversary
ACC Jasper Section celebrates Jasper National Park's Centennial
  Alpine Club Yoho Centennial Camp 2006
The TNF winter leadership course 2007. "The lighter side of leadership"
The High Camp A short parody from 2006 summer General Mountaineering Camp
The GMC 2007 South Rice Brook "Camp Stories
A day on the "Arch" with Hans Schwarz
Don Forest at the 1998 Mt. Alexandra GMC. Here Don recites The Legend of Sam Mcgee
Why do my knees hurt? An interview with climbers with knee injuries
GMC 2008 Vowells climbing camp
ACC General Mountaineering Camp 2012 Sir Sandford
FUNNY and INTERESTING STUFF (Well I think so....)
Going down..a short funny clip of an excellent role and recovery while crossing a creek
Windy day at Hidden Valley
Dust Storm in Pipestone Pass
A day on Mt. Pierre Elliot Trudeau "or" a nice day in the Cariboo's
How to quickly remove built up snow from a remote weather station
Dummy race at Marmot Basin, featuring the "Big Ball"
Snow to go. A short film about backcountry skiing in the Rockies and Selkirks
Avalanche Control at Marmot Basin. A short film using much of the footage from 22 years working there
Marmot Basin Monster
We love to fly and ski. A short video about heli skiing and the life of a pilot...short comedy.
Promo video for Robson Helimagic,original music by John L'Hirondelle
A short tour of the famous Battle Abbey Lodge. Rick Sutherland takes you on a tour of the interior of this famous cabin
22 Years at Marmot. A brief history.....old and newer footage of the life of the ski patroller at Marmot Basin in Jasper.
Powder skiing in the North Rockies near Powder King
Cruisin the "too" deep snow in the Head of the Table River, North Rockies


Robson Heli video from skiing winter 2009. Awesome soundtrack by John L'Hirondelle
Robson Heli video from skiing winter 2010
A short video about Operator Llyod McKort moving some heavy steel magazines. Nice Rig!
slide show for ACMG guides. This is a collection of pics sent by guides from across Canada and put together to promote the ACMG. Music by John L'Hirondelle




more to come......