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Introduction to Rock Climbing

This course introduces the beginner to the basics of rock climbing. At the end of the course participants will be able to set up their own short climbs. Basic knots, rappelling and safety systems will be covered. This is a basic course for those that have only "wall" climbed, never climbed before, and will give a foundation for future skills.

Just remember...climbing outdoors is a totally different experience than indoort climbing. We will develop safe skills that are unique to climbing in an outdoor natural environment.

One Day courses can be arranged as well. Call for details.

Course itinerary

All Rock Courses will start at 0900 on the scheduled day of the course.

All of the introductory rock courses will begin on day one at "Morro Slabs". This is a great place for day one, close to the road, more often than not "dry", and has a great selection of beginner routes. It does however tend to be windy!

Morro Slabs is located 17.3 km or 12 miles east of Jasper on Highway 16 East.

If driving from Jasper it is on the right hand side of the road, approx 17.3 km east of Jasper, just east of the "Mile 12 bridge", in a small parking lot directly below some cliffs.

If you are not sure contact us before the course, we'll get you there!

Here is the Google Earth link. "Morro Slabs" pulloff

If you are coming from Edmonton the parking area is on the left side of the road.

If you cross the bridge you have gone to far!

The second day will be at a different location, usually in the east end of Jasper National Park.

We will determine this on the first day.

The location we often use is called Hidden Valley. This is located about 4km "west" of the Miette Hotsprings turnoff in a 70 km zone. If coming in from Edmonton it is on the left in a large paved pulloff. If driving from Jasper it is 36km east of the intersection on Highway 16 at the east end of Jasper



Equipment List

  • climbing pants: stretchy nylon or synthetic, wool, wind resistant
  • insulation layer top: pile, fleece, wool, layering system
  • waterproof top layer: gortex, coated nylon, or similar jacket
  • waterproof pants: similar to above, full zippers recommended
  • toque- ski hat, for warmth
  • light gloves: wool, leather, fleece
  • pack: ~40 litre size
  • water bottle
  • lunch (bring a big lunch!)
  • sunglasses/sunscreen/lip balm

Climbing gear (provided! but bring it if you own it!)

  • helmet
  • harness
  • belay device/ rappel device
  • 2 locking carabiners
  • approach shoes/ rock shoes
  • Rock shoes can be rented in Jasper at Gravity gear (852-3155)

Payment, transportation, and accomodation information