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This spring/summer I am planning a few trips that have always been really popular in the past. There are some excellent hut based trips excellent for the novice, and for the mountaineer wanting to work on some new skills. As well we will certainly be doing our best to get up some peaks in the areas. Please note there will be closing dates for most of these camps to facilitate hut bookings. If you have any questions contact me. Below find information on the following trips for the summer of 2008

Wapta Adventure

Saskatchewan Glacier and Castleguard Peak

Tonquin Valley Hiking and Climbing Camp

Mt. Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Fryatt Camp

Wapta Adventure(s) Wapta Spring Fever & Wapta Walk

link to online slide show

Spend 4 days traversing and staying in huts on the Wapta Icefield. Our trip starts at Bow hut traverses over to the Peyto Hut with the possibility of ascents on Mt Olive, Mt Thompson, St. Nicholas or Rhonda South. A spectacular Icefield to explore!

The group will work on skills related to glacier travel, crevasse rescue, navigation and pacing. As well we will climb some peaks in the area. On the 4th day we go out via Peyto lake and back to Bow summit. The peaks are of a non technical nature though glaciers must be crossed to access all summits.

This trip can be done both in summer and winter. The first trips in May will be ski trips, the rest are on foot.

Dates: April 20-23, 2009 (ski trip), June 20-23 (walk) 2009

Cost: $825.00 . This rate is based on a group size of 4.

This price includes: guiding, food, park wilderness passes, hut fees, technical and climbing gear. Please read over the course outline for full details

Group size: maximum 4 participants (Not included: 6% Goods and Service Tax.)

Equipment list and course outline: waptaski.pdf waptawalk.pdf (Choose the right one!)

Booking Deadline: 4 weeks prior to course commencement

Payment, transportation, and accommodation information

Saskatchewan Glacier and Mt Castleguard Adventure


This is a great place to go and climb a fairly remote peak in one of the most spectacular areas in Jasper National Park. The Columbia Icefields is the largest icefield area in the Canadian Rockies. Camped near the Saskatchewan glacier we have access to the east end of Mt. Castleguard, Castleguard meadows, and the Columbia Icefields.

We will carry all our gear in via the Saskatchewan glacier, camping near the peak. We have 4 days to explore the area, and to climb Mount Castleguard. We can also spend time in the Castleguard meadows area exploring the peaks to the east near Terrace Peak. Tents and cooking gear are provided, participants need to bring their own sleeping gear, clothing and boots. Equipment list will be sent on booking.

Though this trip can be done by novices, it is recommended you have had some climbing or extensive backpacking experience. If you are a group of 3 then I can tailor make up this trip to give you the most! Get in contact with me and we can send you some more details.

Dates: Dates available as per request.

Cost: $650.00/person for group of 4. $700/person for group of 3. $1050/person for group of 2

(Not included: 5% Goods and Service Tax.)

Group size: maximum 4 participants, minimum 2.

Equipment list and course outline: castleguard.pdf

Booking Deadline: 3 weeks prior to course commencement

Payment, transportation, and accommodation information

Tonquin Fall Climbing and Hiking Adventure

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The best time of the year to visit the Tonquin Valley is in September! The bugs are gone and the weather usually clear cool and stable. This five day camp extravaganza is based out of the Alpine Club of Canada's Wates Gibson hut located on the shores of Outpost lake. Excellent mountaineering, scrambling and hiking are available.

This is one of the great places in the Rockies, out of the mainstream and offers both the novice and experienced mountaineer excellent opportunities. Call for details on this camp!

Dates: September 5-9, 2009

Cost: $1000.00 The costs include: guide fees, hut fees, park passes, portering of most food, and rental of climbing gear. This cost is based on 4 people. For smaller groups costs are: 3 people $1120.00/person , 2 people $1700.00/person. This is a custom trip, we can arrange this trip to suit your skills and interests. This is one of the great places in the Rockies!

Group size: maximum 4 participants

Equipment list and course outline: tonquin.pdf (Not included: 5% Goods and Service Tax.)

Booking Deadline: 3 weeks prior to course commencement

Payment, transportation, and accommodation information

Mt. Pierre Elliot Trudeau

About an hour west of Jasper lies the town of Valemount. The summer of 2006 marked the Official naming of a visible mountain after a former Prime Minister of Canada. The peak lies just west of the town and can be either climbed in a long day or with a camp in the vicinity.


Mt Trudeau offers spectacular views of the Premier Range and the hike takes you to a beautiful hanging valley with lovely alpine lakes.


The climbing is generally straightforward with some exposed rock scrambling where a rope is required.

This trip works well either from an early start in Jasper or for those staying in Valemount looking for a mountain adventure.Vews of Mt. Robson, Resplendent and Whitehorn can be seen from the upper lakes.

This climb is designed as a specialty trip and no scheduled dates are shown.If you are interested in more details about the climb please feel free to contact us.

I have a short video from this climb and hopefully will have a link to it in the near future. Contact me for information on this.






Link to online slide show

Fryatt Hiking and Climbing Camp.This 5 day trip is based out of the Sidney Valance hut in the Fryatt valley about 30 km south of Jasper.
 The hike is about 14km from the river crossing. The full trail in is 22km but we will use commercial rafts to cross the river both ways. This adds a bit to the cost but it is well worth it.
It is about 600m elevation gain to the hut which will be our base.
It is a full day’s hike to the Hut which is located at approximately 2000 meters on top of a large headwall. (The headwall is at the end of course.)

There is a large alpine valley that waits above the headwall and most of the objectives are in the upper valley. Climbing ranges from simple scrambles to alpine rock routes on excellent quartzite.
Some of the popular peaks in the area include: Mt. Olympus, Mt Belanger, Parnassus Peak (recommended) and the Three Blind Mice. Access to Mt Lowell and Mt Fryatt are also available.

There is also excellent hiking in the upper valley with trips to Belanger col, Fryatt- Unnamed col, the Parnassus-Olympus col and the valley above the hut. There are a number of lakes to explore and great views from the high points.

Ask about details regarding this trip.We can arrange a group trip for you and your family or friends. Costs are based on group size. Ask about details.